Come drink well with us.

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Bevi Bene Brewing Co. is a lager focused brewery also serving hard kombucha in the Charleston area. Our message is simple – to drink well. But drinking well means much more to us than just its nutritional benefits. To the Bevi Bene family, drinking well means authentically crafted beer and kombucha coupled with great company. We are a family owned brewery who value health, togetherness, and of course, unwinding with some good beer.

Our head brewer has proven to be innovative with his recipes by incorporating new and classic techniques and including local South Carolina ingredients when available.

When you visit us, linger and connect over each pour. We strive to bring you an experience that’s simple and authentic. For us, it’s golden hour, sitting with friends and family, letting the buzz of busy life fade into the horizon. Sit and sip, connect and breathe. 

We encourage you to stay a while, taste, experience and learn about Bevi Bene’s offerings.

Let’s get together.

Parking is easy, seating is plentiful, and relaxing is effortless.


One Man in an All Girl Band


Cheesy McGeezy Food Truck


Seasonal Beer Launch


Family Movie Night