Beer and Kombucha brewed with purpose.

Focused on quality – not quantity. Brewed with the intention to keep our menu stocked with just the right amount of classics to keep the purist pleased, and new creations to keep the adventurous intrigued.


Traditionally, a lager is fermented and cold-matured slower than ales. We value tradition and authenticity therefore, we ferment our lagers to their historical style.

Crisp, clean, carbonated, well-balanced.


Sours are purposefully made to be tart and flavorful. These are the brews where we throw tradition to the wayside and let imagination and science have a meeting of the minds.

Hard Kombucha

Light, low in sugar, gluten free, FULL of flavor, probiotic, living enzymes and alcohol. No added sugar or artificial flavors. What more could you ask for?

Hard kombucha, easy on the gut.


These are brews that we create when the time is right. Some seasons call for certain tastes – or – do certain tastes define some seasons? Let’s have one and ponder that for a bit.